Quality Standards

Quality Standards

At Siniora, we believe that our best asset and competitive edge within the market is founded on our consistent ability to deliver a high-quality product that is loved by our customers. To achieve this high standard, we employ experts and exceptionally-qualified staff members who are leaders in the food industry. Siniora also owns and operates a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory and control department.

Siniora´s  production lines have been fitted with the latest technologies within the industry to not only comply with, but exceed, some of the highest food safety criteria in the world. Our quality control department is dedicated to monitoring all factory operations and prioritizes the greatest effort towards guaranteeing that the product that is manufactured and delivered is always of the highest standard. In addition, we are scrupulous in selecting our chosen suppliers and we ensure that each supplier is wholly committed to the local and international food safety standards.

Siniora has also founded a research and development center to increase scientific research, pursue further scientific approaches and innovate new and exciting products that satisfy our customers´ evolving tastes and preferences.

Quality And Food Safety Planning

Quality and food safety planning is of the utmost priority for the management team at Siniora  Food Industries. Planning regarding food safety and quality is strictly controlled and adheres to one or more of the following:

  • The company´s quality and food safety objectives
  • The company´s strategic plans and goals
  • International and/or local market trends
  • A vision of future market needs
  • The requirements and expectations of customers,or consumers
  • Management´s perspective of the company´s performance and its improvement

Quality and food safety planning in Siniora results in any of the following:

  • Requirements for new or additional skills and knowledge within the company
  • The creation of an improvement plan
  • The definition of responsibility and authority for improvements plans
  • The identification of resources required for improvement processes.

Quality Assurance

At Siniora  , quality assurance is an integral part of our quality and food safety management system throughout all our factories. We maintain an optimized system which operates across all our products, from the initial stages of receiving raw materials until the final stage of finished products. Siniora is focused on maintaining the high level of trust and confidence it has built for fulfilling, and at times exceeding, required quality and food safety requirements.

Our processes in the company are organized within a documented quality and food safety system that provides authorized standards and control to constantly monitor food standards.

Siniora  Food Industries follows and implements both voluntary and externally-mandated policies and systems to ensure that all operations and practices meet optimal food hygiene and personal hygiene standards. Siniora also supplies training regularly to staff to ensure that all reasonable measures and precautions are maintained for optimized food safety and quality regulations. Siniora ´s policies and systems are as follows:

  1. Design and Facilities

    In Siniora factories, where appropriate, we establish an internal design and placement of food processing stations to optimize good food hygiene practices, which include, but are not limited to, protection against cross- contamination between and during food stuff operations and ensuring that the company-documented floor plan is observed. Siniora also displays and observes process flow charts on:

    • Factory areas and production lines
    • Flow of raw materials, personnel, finished products, packaging and waste
    • Flow of water and air
    • Food processing areas that need to be separated to avoid potential for cross-contamination, such as raw, preparation, cooking, post-cooking and cleaning areas
  2. Personnel Standards – Hygiene and Safety

    All company employees are required to complete an appropriate examination and medical questionnaire, prior to commencing work. Any person who, by medical examination or supervisory observation, is shown to have, or appears to have, an illness including infected wounds or any other abnormal source of microbial contamination by which there is a reasonable potential for food, food-contact surfaces or food-packaging materials to become contaminated are excluded from all operations which may be expected to result in such contamination, until the condition is corrected.

    All personal are trained in food hygiene disciplines, relevant to the tasks they are expected to perform. This training covers all requirements of personal hygiene, safety and the entire operational standard relevant to their functions.

    Precautions and safety measures are provided whenever required and are communicated and displayed at prominent places.

  3. Storage Facilities

    The first expired first out (FEFO)rule is applied to stock rotation practises starting from raw materials to the finished products to ensure optimal food safety standards.

  4. Cleaning and Pest Control

    Siniora continuously and effectively schedules plans for the control of pests, which include, but are not limited to, the monitoring of integrated pest management, verification systems for incoming ingredients, optimized housekeeping practises and proper storage. Internal policy stipulates that all operations and practices are carried out in a manner that limits contamination to as low a level as possible.

  5. Process Equipment/ Machines

    Siniora´s preventive maintenance and housekeeping systems are implemented as part of a systematic plan and schedule, which ensures that machines are optimized according to their catalogue requirements and international standards.

  6. Food Handling Practices

    The internationally-recognized Hold and Release System is implemented for all our products starting from raw materials until finished products. Multiple internal and external micro-chemical tests are conducted regularly to analyze quality.

    Siniora implements process control strategies, which utilize statistical techniques to create baseline standards. These baselines are analysed and monitored using the Software Quality Window for all parameters that are being implemented in Siniora processes.

    The company manufactures its products within a strict coding system using formula cards and packing standards against set specification sheets. This ensures product consistency via standardized monitoring and assurance.

    Siniora  has issued standard operational systems for all processes and procedures commencing from receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. Siniora ´s systems specify all steps within the process to ensure the highest levels of food hygiene and safety are maintained.

Quality Control

Adequate sanitation principles are applied in all of the company´s operations from the receiving, inspecting, transporting and segregation of food to the preparing, manufacturing, packaging, and storage of food.

Appropriate quality control operations are employed to ensure that all food is suitable for human consumption and that food-packaging materials are safe and appropriate. Overall sanitation of the factory falls under the supervision of one or more individuals assigned responsibility for this function within Siniora .

Siniora takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that production procedures do not contribute to contamination from any source. Chemical, microbial, or extraneous-material testing procedures are used wherever necessary to identify sanitation failures or possible food contamination.

All food that has become contaminated to the extent that it is adulterated within the meaning of the act shall be rejected.

Finally, Siniora maintains the highest level of quality and consistency over its diverse range of products due to the emphasis it has placed on food safety and quality. It also makes constant improvements as a result of the opportunities recommended via its rigorous quality control processes.


Siniora Food Industries verifies and maintains the quality and food safety process control system through plans which include periodic checks to ensure that the system is applied and through re-evaluation of the system´s appropriateness. This verification is done periodically in order to check whether the system is applied, whether the system is still satisfactory, and whether the system needs reviewing. The frequency is determined according to individual conditions for each work situation.


As a means to ensure that a product conforms to specified requirements, Siniora  regularly performs a quality and food safety system lay down. This system includes clear and accurate proceduresto control documentation system and determine the responsibility for approved publication and distribution of records.