Our Vision, Mission and Future Strategy

Vision, Mission & Future Strategy

Our Vision

To be the leader across the region in the processed meat industry.

Our Mission

In accordance to our vision, our mission is to employ the most capable and experienced personnel to produce superior quality Halal products and services, through utilizing the heritage of our brands, and expanding our current range of products with one aim; human health first

Our Future

Siniora’s success as one of the top producers of canned meats and cold cuts in the region was achieved by earning customer trust in the superior quality of its products and by maintaining the traditional values of its century-old brand. Leading the way to further success are Siniora’s in-house product developers, who rely on their intrinsic knowledge of the market and advanced research and analysis to create new products that will continue to meet the evolving preferences, tastes and needs of its customers now, and in the future.