Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Siniora, we believe that we are responsible not just for creating high-quality, delicious products that tantalize the tastebuds of all our customers, but that we are also a member of our local and regional community. As a result, we have a responsibility to contribute to that community. With this in mind, we have developed a robust environmental policy that ensures that we are responsible not just for the products we create, but the by-products that are also created and that may impact the world around us.

In addition to our environmental focus, Siniora is also a golden sponsor of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, a national institution founded by royal decree to combat cancer in Jordan and the Middle East region. As a golden sponsor, we make significant contributions to the foundation´s efforts to care for those and the families of those affected by cancer, research cures and raise awareness about cancer. Each year we also make separate contributions and in-kind donations to support children´s homes, youth development and education activities throughout Jordan.

Siniora's Environmental Policy

Siniora Food Industries prioritizes the protection of the environment and compliance with regulations and environmental legislation in Jordan and regionally. Accordingly, the company has established the following environmental objectives, which will be reviewed periodically via management review:

  1. Develop and improve the environmental awareness among employees through appropriate training on environmental management systems in order to develop staff skills and contribute to minimizing the negative impacts on the local environment
  2. Work to reduce pollutants that may result from industrial water by treating it via the wastewater treatment unit
  3. Apply an effective procedure for solid and liquid waste management, with continuous improvement to reduce these wastes at the source
  4. Develop and apply the emergency plan and raise the level of response to emergency conditions
  5. Develop more efficient methods to reduce energy and water consumption
  6. Work to reduce the depletion of natural recourses and continuously search for more environmentally-friendly alternatives
  7. Adhere to, and comply with, Jordanian regulations, legislation and other requirements regarding the preservation of the local environment
  8. Reduce pollution that may result from different processes within the company
  9. Work to reduce the level of noise emitted from the various production machines

To achieve these goals, the company is committed to the environmental policy, which is summarized as follows:

  1. Create an environmental management system in conformity with the international standard ISO 14001 requirements
  2. Comply with environmental laws and local legislation or any other requirements of relevant parties
  3. Observe the obligation to preserve the environment and prevent pollution by all possible available means now and in the future
  4. Provide effective communication with parties concerned with the environment inside and outside the company to coordinate the application of an environment management system and to provide information on the environmental management system upon request
  5. Continuous training and ongoing awareness on the environmental management system and methods of preservation of the environment and respond to emergencies